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Dr. Wu’s Violin / Viola Studio

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Fremont, 510-565-1268    South Bay, 408-966-6628

Dr. Wu teaches violin and viola in the east and south bay area.  As a noted violin teacher, Dr. Wu boasts impressive 40+ year teaching and performance experiences in violin / viola.  Having solid education and performance background in violin from U.S. and China, he has trained many students.  Some of them become successful professionals, others become accomplished amateur violinists.  Himself also performs violin extensively, giving solo performances or serving as principle violinist for orchestras.

His teaching methodology combines the traditional studio instruction with the latest development of string pedagogy.  One to one instruction is tailored to each individual student.  He uses traditional European materials and new American books.  Students take one lesson per week.  Each lesson lasts 30, 45, or 60 minutes.  More advanced students take longer lesson because of more materials.  Overall rapid progress of students proves Dr. Wu’s methodology efficient.

A very patient and nice teacher, he never sacrifices his teaching quality.  He is trying hard to let students understand the importance of hard working .  He has strong emphasis on the teaching triangle – the relationship among students, teachers, and parents.  He asks parents to actively get involved into his teaching procedure.

Dr. Wu emphasizes that violin students should gain more beyond the learning of the instrument itself.  He stresses that through the tough procedure of learning students should establish the correct attitude to face difficulties and acquire the ability to solve problems.  He encourages his student to develop team work experiences through working in string ensembles and orchestras.  He requires students to develop good stage image and presentation skills, which will be very useful in students’ future careers.

Preparing students for MTAC (Music Teacher’s Association of California) Certificate of Merit (CM) level examination and British Royal School of Music Exam are Dr. Wu’s important work.  He also prepare students for regional student symphony entrance auditions and seating auditions.  When students accomplish much in violin performance, he writes recommendation letters for student for college application.  Famous universities have requirements for outstanding extracurricular activities to consider their enrollment and scholarship.

The Fremont location  is  in the central Fremont area,  very close to Mission San Jose, Irvington, and other Fremont districts.  Violin students from Fremont, Union City, Hayward, Milpitas, or other cities in east bay area also find Dr. Wu’s Fremont violin studio quite near.  Highway 680 and 880 link violin students in Pleasanton, San Ramen. or other cities in tri-valley area with a easily drive of 20 minutes to the Fremont violin studio.  Some students even come from Berkeley or Walnut Creek area.

The Santa Clara location is at the junction of Stevens Creek Blvd. and Saratoga Ave. It is next to Highway 280 and can be easily reached from highway 85.  Student living in Cupertino, Sunnyvale, San Jose, Palo Alto, Saratoga, Los Gatos and cities in south bay find very easy to go to the Santa Clara studio.