Sample of a recommendation letter

To whom it may concern,

It is my honor to write this letter of recommendation for my violin student, XXXXX  XXXXXX.

XXXXXX has worked with me for almost a decade as my violin student, and she sets herself apart from the rest of my students with her perseverance, attention-to-detail, and talent. Academically accomplished and possessing outstanding musical talent, XXXXXX is one of my favorite students. Having completed level 10 of the Certificate of Merit Examinations with high honors, and performed for several recitals hosted by me. XXXXXX’s commendable violin proficiency amazes me to this day, and her talent will take her to great heights. Her aptitude at hand-eye coordination, nimble fingering, versatile bowing, and perfection at executing musical pieces with rhythm, dynamic, good tone, and emotion please me. Her photographic memory enables her to focus more time on making musical pieces her own, by improvising speed, dynamic, bowing, and projection of emotion. From the day she came into my violin studio to learn from me, her enthusiasm for perfecting and appreciating the wonderful craft that is violin never ceases to astound me. Since her days learning rudimentary scales to her recitals where she showed off sweeping, crowd-arousing melodies, XXXXXX’s hours of practice, eye for perfection, and a knack for integrating emotion into her playing bolster up her performances. Always keen to remedy mistakes and rise from her failures, XXXXXX constitutes as a true violin artist, not one who values the outcome, but one who worships the ups and downs of her musical journey. I have learnt and grown with and from XXXXXX, not just as her teacher but as a fellow violinist who shares her views and appreciation about our fine art.

Her journey as an incredible violinist has inspired and enlivened me and elicits confidence that  I constitute just one chapter in her musical career. On her behalf, I applaud XXXXXX’s superior efforts at playing the violin, as well as her perseverance through ups and downs, her true defining trait. I assure her future success at developing as a seasoned professional.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at +1 408 966 6628 or [email protected]


Jiang Wu  Ph.D, M.M.